Discover Julaybib ™

Julaybib is an Indonesian footwear Brand created in 2021 by Robin Abdullah, from France. Through our designs & products, we aim to support the Muslim Community. We pride ourselves on selecting long-lasting materials, ensuring longevity of our products through Urban & Outdoor environments, inshaAllah.

Introducing our Curated Footwear Selection

Our products are engineered to keep you comfortable through your daily transit. Our designs ensure breathability of your feet as well as movement flexibility when you get that need for extra speed.

Julaybib on French Media: Al-Kanz

We are happy to be featured on one of the most well-known media for Knowledge in France. Al-Kanz is a trusted source for Knowledge, Information but also Entrepreneurship and Finance for Muslims, in French Language. Thank you Al-Kanz!


For the Traveling Soul

The Messenger (saws) said: "Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler"

Julaybib aims to accompany you on your journey back to The Beloved. Our collections are designed to withstand the tears of your adventures in this life. 

Through durable construction, careful material selection and use of modern machinery, we seek to build versatile products, suitable for regular daily activities, as well as able to meet your performing needs when you are on-the-go.